Developers’ most desirable features

Specialists in IT are highly sought after in the labour market. It is one of the fastest growing sectors so the demand for developers is really huge. All the companies, not only IT, have to posses digital skills. They have to compete for the employees and it doesn’t seem to change quickly. But have you ever thought what is the most desired feature of programmer? What the companies are looking for when they post a job offer for the position of software developer?

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Employees and HR departments more and more frequently draw their attention to the soft skills of the candidates. Knowledge of programming languages, fluent English language skills and the ability to build applications, websites etc. in specific languages make it possible to work as a software developer, but all of these can be learn. There are also some features, which are being sought by the companies, that are not so obvious. If you want to know them to get better out of your job interviews, read this article.

Problem solving skills

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Even if you have absolutely no idea how to solve some bug, companies expect their specialists to find out the solution as soon as possible. Every problem needs to be solved, so developers need to be determined, self-contained and focused on the result. Phrases like „I can’t” and „I don’t know” should be changed to „I’ll figure it out”. What’s important, the solutions should be as simple as possible. Reusability is also crucial, because life is too short to develop a code that solves the same problems over and over again. Companies appreciate employees who focus on the answers instead of questions, so everything can work much efficiently.

Willingness of continuous learning

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Fast-changing environment of IT world somehow forces continuous improvement of software developers’ skills. Programmers who want to keep up to date have to develop and learn for all their lives. Knowledge, methods and technologies may quickly get out of date and a good software developer is aware of that fact, so he feels the need of learning. The need can be met by many different courses, trainings, but also participating in IT conferences or taking part in mentoring program.

Ability to work in team

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Very few projects are so small and require a limited number of skills to be implemented by only one person. Usually on a project work a lot of people, so developers have to cooperate, take advantage of the solutions that have been created before and share their knowledge with team members. It is not worth thinking that it is best to get to everything on your own. It is such a waste of precious time. The times when a software developer was an isolated, silent person, without any friends, are gone forever. Of course there are introvert programmers, but they also work with other people, so they need to be cooperative.


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There is nothing worse for an IT department than a developer who doesn’t meet deadlines. Software developers are often independent, but they also should be mandatory, perform their duties and, importantly, do so on time. The tasks that fail are not conducive to motivation and productivity, and the customer we disappoint will not be able to return to us most reliably.

Logical thinking ability

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Logical thinking comes in handy when one’s knowledge is not enough. Developer should be an analyst. Without the ability to read with understanding or finding dependencies between variables there is no software developer. It helps to trace it back to the root of the problem and come up with the simplest, but efficient solution.


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The state of curiosity and the question of why a given thing is done in such a way, not in any other way, is something natural for a programmer. Software development is a creative process. It is also worth pointing out that many programmers are known for their artistic interests. This curiosity makes it possible to think creatively, unstereotypical, when designing software. And, of course, there’s still this thrill: when it turns out that something you’ve designed works! And another one, when you see that people are using it.


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Clear, coherent communication is a key to success, not only in business, but also in private life. You may create really smart and functional applications, but it doesn’t matter, if there is a problem to communicate with you. It is not only about the articulation of your ideas, thoughts and needs — your listening skills are also important. Developers should remember that technical language is not clear for all of the society and in conversation with the customer it is worth to explain everything in a non-technical language.


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When you love your job, every task is much easier and more exciting. Engaged employee is a real treasure for the company. Development gives a lot of opportunities to grow, so programmers may find their own way to fulfill themselves. Challenges they face everyday allow them to realize their ideas by finding the best possible solutions, so for someone who is truly interested in development this job may be as fun as the playground for adults.

To adapt in IT environment and form a bond of agreement between the team members it is crucial to find software developers who can communicate with each other effectively and join forces to achieve the objectives. Features indicated above are currently one of the most wanted on the IT labour market. If you can describe yourself with these characteristics, you can seek work in software development companies or IT departments. There is a big chance you will find yourself in this job.

Written by: Karolina Matusiak



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